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                        勞德明 總經理.jpg

                        勞德明 總經理 致詞 :






                            As an electronics engineer, I have been working in the field of electronic manufacturing for over 26 years. Since gaining my MBA degree from the Sun Yat-sen University in 2003, I have been devoted to the management and product marketing of the company. 

                             The management vision of our company is unleashing talents’ potentials to innovate new products and pursue perfection with the craftsmanship spirit. As a firm believer of quality over quantity, we hold that the race-tothe-bottomapproach to blindly pursue low prices at the expense of quality has been outdated. Consumers deserve innovative products with excellent quality. To this end, we are committed to innovating new products to respond to the needs of consumers and partnering with the trustworthy suppliers to source the finest parts globally with the ultimate goal of producing the best quality LED car lights. 

                             While we use most of our resources on enhancing the quality of our products, we insist on the minimalist packaging style which embodies our “less is more” motto. In addition, as a customer-oriented company, we lay great emphasis on customer satisfaction with effective after-sales services to provide a seamless 

                        experience to our customers.

                            As China is becoming a world leader in the electronic manufacturing industry with advanced technology, top talents, and mature parts supply chain, we strike to become leader of the leaders nationally and also globally. We look forward to your continued support as we endeavor to innovate and improve the quality of our products to give you a brighter and safer driving experience.

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